Kroes Espresso Set


Handmade in The Netherlands, the Kroes Espresso set is a 6 piece high quality porcelain coffee set, based on the quick Italian morning coffee ritual. The triangular to round design of the cups allows for optimal use of space on an espresso machine.

Designed and made to last, the design of the cups is derived from an ancient old Dutch vessel, called a KROES used for pouring precious metals. The details of the items come from industrial details in metal work.

The mother shapes of all items are made by 3D laser sintering printing from which a slip cast plaster mould is made to cast the porcelain products.

The cups are available in 3 sizes; ristretto, espresso and cappuccino.

The saucers are available in 3 sizes: 1 for the cup, 1 for a sweet pudding roll, and 1 for a petit four.

The KROES espresso sets are made in porcelain and are therefore oven and dish washer safe.


S - Ristretto
White porcelain
diameter 50 mm
width 75 mm
height 40 mm
weight 100 gr

M - Espresso
White porcelain
diameter 60 mm
width 75 mm
height 60mm
weight 120 gr 

L - Cappuccino
White porcelain
diameter 70 mm
width 75 mm
height 80 mm
weight 140 gr


Saucer S (for cup)
White porcelain
diameter 50 mm
width 70 mm
height 22 mm
weight35 gr

Saucer M
White porcelain
diameter 80 mm
width 105 mm
height 22mm
weight 70 gr

Saucer L
White porcelain
diameter 100 mm
width 125 mm
height 22mm
weight 110 gr

Dispatch time: 1 week approx.

Delivery times when out of stock: 3-4 weeks approx.