ERADU Ceramics


Eva Radulova is a London based designer-maker working in the field of ceramic design. ERADU Ceramics is Eva Radulova's trademark. The brand appear as soon as Eva finished her MA in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the UK Ceramic industry. ERADU Ceramics was recently listed as one of the Top 25 British Ceramics brands by Make it British.

Bone china and Porcelain are Eva's favorite materials. Although, she experiments with terracotta and some other clay she loves the purest white color of bone china and the endless possibilities of coloring the porcelain. The challenge she seeks is the reinvention of shapes in the melting point of old and new. In her work Eva seeks inspiration in traditions as well as following the latest trends to accomplish the needs of the contemporary individual.

With the finely crafted objects Eva makes she strives to offer pleasant vessels for enjoyable experience.